Intermesh Type Dispersion Kneader For Rubber And Plastic

Intermesh Type Dispersion Kneader For Rubber And Plastic

The new technology design of this dispersion kneader is equipped with a unique engage-type rotor for mixing/kneading rubber / plastic compounds with different characteristics. The special features are as follows:

  • Fast mixing time. 3-8 mins / batch (depends on different material characteristics, feeding time,cleaning time, and so on)
  • It is specialized for materials requiring low temperature, high oil consumption, and materials with very low hardness, ensuring homogeneous distribution and the highest degree of dispersion mixing.
  • Construction of machine is strong and stable, with no shaking during mixing processes.
  • Accurate temperature control system.
  • Efficient cooling system.
  • Can be applied for different composite materials.
  • Pressure lid is driven by oil hydraulic system which can be adjusted to reduce energy consumption.
Machine Dimensions
Model YK-90E
Mixing Capacity(L) 93 L
Main motor horse power (HP) 600 HP
Tilting motor (HP) 7 1/2 HP
Air compressor (HP) 5
Exhaust fan 1
Material feed BACK
Temp control AUTOMATIC
Control panel position BACK
Rotors revolution 50 / 50 RPM
Normal air pressure 6-7kg/cm2
Outline Dimensios(Frence) (H):5660mmx(W):2948mmx(L):6,800 mm