Company History


(Before World War II), the first chairman Mr. Kun Sheng Liu inherited his father's ambition and continued to operate a joint venture with several friends (Huludun Iron Factory). Later, due to the name of City was changed to (Fengyuan), the name of the factory was also changed to (Fengyuan Iron Factory).


(After the Second World War), the overall environment has changed and reorganized. Several friends of the early joint venture have withdrawn from the original iron factory to seek other business opportunities. Mr. Kun Sheng Liu continued to operate alone. And changed the name from Fengyuan Iron Works to Kim Ho Sheng Iron Works in the same year.


The name of factory was changed from Kim Ho Sheng Iron Factory to Kim Ho Sheng Industrial Co., Ltd. in order to achieve the goal of Launching the business to Internationalization Marking.


Due to the original factory location had to be a new road when renew city project was implemented thus the factory moved to Tantzu area and changed a new name " Yi Tzung Precision Machinery Corp.


The Mixing Mill and Dispersion Kneaders won the Golden Dragon Award in 1982.


  • Purchased a new Land for new plant - Hezong Machinery Co., Ltd.
  • Land size:4,140.74 m2.
  • Factory size:6,573.369 m2.


Dispersion Kneaders, Enclosed High-Speed Mixers, and plastic mixers won the Golden Dragon Award in 1991.


Dispersion Kneaders, Enclosed High-Speed Mixers, and plastic mixers won Golden Dragon Award in 1993.


  • YI Tzung has passed ISO-9001 Certification in 1998.
  • Implementation Business MIS system in 1998.


  • Successfully developed new YK90 intermesh type rotor; and developed new hydraulic system for Pressure Lid for saving energy in 2019. And successfully promoted it to Germany Market.


  • Cooperation with Ministry of Labour for "Dual System" in 2020.
  • Submit the project of "Internet of Things /IoT" to Government for applying the financial subsidies in 2020.