Gear Pump Extrusion Strainer

Gear Pump Extrusion Strainer
Typical Applications

This equipment's can extrude and strain the different kind of features rubber materials to be clean and high quality rubber materials that can be used for manufacturing many kind of high quality rubber products.

Model No. Unit YGE-600 YGE-1000
Production Capacity KG / HR 450-750 800-1000
Horse Power HP 40-60 75-100
Machine Dimension(LxWxH) mm 4100 x 1825 x 2130
  • This Gear pump is in special design which can extrude high quality material by stable pressure.
  • Short extruding process / low friction to prevent high temperature during mixing processes. It can extrude different special material without any scorch.
  • High Production Capacity: this machine can provide short and fast extruding and straining process to get high quality material; also can provide massive production capacity.
  • Reducing Energy Consumption: this machine only needs low energy onsumption ; and can reduce large production cost to increase benefits.
  • Efficient Cooling System: there is a precision temperature control system for feeding roll, extrusion chamber, and die head which and help to control material temperature constantly and stabilize the material quality.
  • Easy for operating: the PLC and HMI are equipped for simply operation; and can monitor all the extraction process.
  • Easy for cleaning: there is a quick separated device which can split the extrusion chamber, feeding roll and die head to clean insider material of chamber.
  • And there is vacuum sucking device which can suck the remaining material out from roll head.
  • It can apply for different material such as EPDM 、NBR ㆍSBR ㆍHNBR ㆍCR ㆍ IIR(Butyl Rubber) to do straining process.